Industrial Air Filtration Units

Elite Manufacturing Specialists is an Iowa manufacturer of industrial air filtration units called, Active Filtration. Our Active Filtration line of commercial air purifiers cleans a wide spectrum of particles found in industrial, dust construction, woodshops and workshop environments. Active Filtration has solutions to cover the spectrum of small to large commercial areas utilizing hanging air filtration and rolling units. Air cleaning system provide a solution to meet your needs whether it is a portable woodworking dust filtration problem, heavy big particle workshop air cleaner, an odor problem solved with carbon filters, industrial grade welding setups, large amounts of sawdust clogging your industrial equipment, deep chemical odors addressing through bulk activated carbon or oil mist filters to clear the oil haze from the air into a collector.

Our industrial air solution systems remove hanging harmful particles by moving contaminated air through the industry standard filters, and then exhausting the clean air all within the same environment to eliminate the need for venting air decreasing on heating and cooling costs. The industrial air cleaners collect dust quickly and easily.  Active Filtration commercial air filtration units are fabricated and assembled in the USA.

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