Elite Manufacturing Air filtration units utilize air filtration units that utilize a pre-filter that collects all the larger particles in the show such as dust and mold spores in a large 24” x 24”x4” nominal size pleated air filter rated at 11 MERV. The preflight allows the primary filters to go longer between replacements. 

The primary filters are rated at 15 MERV Glasfloss bag filters or 95% efficiency and are suited for pollutants caused by welding or grinding. 

Replacement filters can be bought from a supplier located at the links in the chart below and any filter the appropriate size can be used. Installation and replacement can be done easily. 

Initial Dust Filter

  • Glasfloss MERV 11 FilterThe initial dust filter catches the large particles, allowing the primary filters to have an extended life by not getting clogged with this material.

Primary Filters

  • Glasfloss MERV 15 Filter (Standard) - High level of Pollutants / Ideal for areas with high pollutants from grinding, plasma cutting, or welding.

Specific Filters for Specific Particles:

  • Carbon Odor Filters are a simple addition allowing the units to not only clean the air, but also remove a wide range of odors like automotive exhaust, cigarette smoke, and much more. 
    • Carbon Tray filters are ideal for large odor control through bulk carbon particles that can absorb strong odors from industrial fiberglass manufacturing to grow room odors to dispensary odor control
    • Carbon pleat filters allow light control of odors to provide cheap easy solution to that slight odor from industrial proccess to cigarette smoke to diesel exhaust smell.
  • Electrostatic Washable Pre-filters are a replacement for the standard paper pre-filters and can be re-used continually for the life of the unit. The washable pre-filters provide a filtration of MERV 6 (overall unit MERV 15 rating remains). This solution is ideal for environments where there there are large particles present such as a wood shop.
  • Pre-filters Pads - These filters attach at the front of the intake to prolong the life of the more expensive big filters. The holders attach to the side of the unit and holds the MERV 3 rated filters that will catch large particles like saw dust.

  • Oil Mist Filters - Thick haze of oil residue in the air. Normal paper and bag filters will quickly clog with the oil as it congeals and blocks the pores of normal filters. Oil mist filters are pre-filters that capture oil into the collection trays.