Unit Comparison

Active Filtration Units CFM MERV rating # of Filters Price
AF-2000E 2000 15 2 $1,225
AF-3000E 3000 15 4 $1,525
AF-3000P 3000 11 2 $1,625
AF-4500E 4500 15 4 $2,525
AF-3000D 3000 11 2 $2,325
AF-3000C 3000 15 6 $2,525
AF-3000S 3000 11 4 $2,025

The first consideration when selecting the right industrial air filtration unit is what kind of particles you need to filter out. For example the AF-3000C carbon filtration unit has carbon trays that will solve heavy odor issues, while particles in the air caused by a mobile process the AF-3000P has casters to move to the source of the particles.

We offer a wide variety of filters to meet your needs and they can be added to a unit to meet your specific filtration needs.

  • Washable Pre-Filters are utilized for large particles like saw dust and fibers allowing for cost savings over disposable paper filters that come standard
  • Pre-filter pads are an extra filter that can be added to the intake of the unit to provide an extra filter to increase the durability of the more expensive paper and bag filters. The best use is when large particles will be present and constant filtration is needed with easy filter changes.
  • Carbon Pleat filters can be added to the unit as an easy addition to address odor issues with its odor absorbing carbon filter from cigar smoke to industrial products.
  • Carbon Tray filters are a heavy odor absorption filters filled with molecular carbon that can be refilled once the filters no longer filter the odors