Industrial Air Purifiers Manufactured for Durability

Active Filtration commercial air cleaners are manufactured in the USA with an simple design, providing an effective and reliable clean air solution.  The key to filtering air is simple: pull air across media to filter out pollutants and odors.

Our line of industrial air filtration units utilizes industry standard and reliable components, with our manufacturing shop located in the Midwest of the United States.

The heart of our units are ¾ motors manufactured by Marathon Electric. The purification process is handled by Glasfloss paper pre-filters and Glasfloss purapack extended surface bag filters to obtain a MERV 15 level of air purification.  Our enclosures are fabricated with 16 ga galvanize material, to be a rugged, long lasting air purifying solution.

To sum it up: these units are industrial workhorses and built to last.

The Active Filtration Difference

·       Manufactured from 16 ga galvanize material for cost effective, long lasting, chemical resistant, and industrial appearance

·    Our 5 year, complete unit replacement warranty (less filters), is the best in the industry

·    Standard 110V outlets with 10' power cord and all hanging units come with 10' switch.

·    Standard sized filters for cheap and readily available from a variety of manufacturers.

·     Variety of filters available to meet your exact filtering needs - from oil mist to sawdust.


The unit that is usually recommend is the AF-3000E Hanging Filtration Unit that has MERV 15 bag filters that allow the smallest particles to be captured from welding smoke and fumes. 

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