Air Filtration Manufacturing Solutions

Elite Manufacturing line of industrial air purifiers that are adaptable to any filtration needs through selecting the right unit and the right filter for your shop. Below are some common examples in the industrial manufacturing enviroment ....

Filtration Needs

  • Welding smoke and grinding dust - Our AF-3000E is the go-to unit for this environment to quickly cleans the air through 2 sets of filters that provide long lasting cost-effective solutions for workshops through the hanging air filtration system.
  • Warehouse: Dust covered equipment and inventory. - AF-3000E units with standard filters. If there are overhead doors where outside dust is coming in - an AF-3000D can be one of the units
  • Woodshop: Containing dust which escapes dedicated machine dust collection system - AF-2000E or AF-3000E with standard filters or washable pre-filters. The timer option can be added to allow residual air contaments to be cleaned after all machines are shut down at the end of the day.
  • Localized air contamination process - The AF-3000D allows you to direct the air intakes towards the source to capture all the unwanted particles in the air, keeping the rest of your shop's air clean.
  • Construction Site Dust - Our AF-3000P portable unit is specifically designed to address filtration needs while being portable allows the unit to stay close to the source.
  • Oil mist with contaminated air - All our units will filter oil mist from the air. Depending on the amount in the air, the standard filters can be used or upgraded to oil mist filters which separates the oil and it drains to the bottom of the filter.
  • Overspray paint and chemical odors escaping paint booth - Adding our attachment brackets to any of our units and using exterior pre-filters allows low cost filters to absorb paint over spray and not clog the internal filters.
  • Diesel Exhaust - Our standard units will filter mild diesel fumes - for additional odor control carbon filters can be added to any unit.
  • Tobacco Smoke - Are employees going on smoke breaks near irritable customers? Need a solution that is made of manly galvanized steel. Try the AF-3000E with charcoal pleat filters, a self-contained air cleaner that plugs in and clean the airs.
  • Oil in the Air - Need a solution for thick oil in the air? Normal filters will quickly clog normal filters and cause damage to the filtration unit. Add these oil mist filters to outfit a unit to filter the oil first and then using the normal high merv rating filters.
  • Efficency in Industrial Air filtration - Filtration systems work by maximizing the air flow in terms of cubic feet while not creating too much internal pressure within the industrial air cleaning products. That is why we at Active Filtration, industrial filtration cleaning systems usually recommend the AF-3000 line of items as the lower internal pressure allows more surface area of filter media per cubic feet of air flow. This allows lower running costs as the filters will continue to work longer when compared to high pressure systems.