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AF - 3000C

AF - 3000C

Industrial Odor Control Air Filter System

The AF-3000C unit has 60lbs of refillable carbon trays aggressively filtering odors while still removing contaminants in the air to a MERV 15 rating.  This commercial filtration unit will address a wide range of odors from chemical smells to smoke.   

The internal workings:

1) An industry standard, 2 speed,  ¾ hp Marathon motor is used to achieve 3,000 CFM of air exchange.

2) Off the shelf, anyone can buy online - paper pre-filters, fiber glass primary bag filters allow a MERV 15 rating (equivalent to a Hospital inpatient care room), and refillable tray filter with active carbon.
AF 3000C Product Literature (PDF)

Price: $3,200

The AF-3000C can be expanded by the addition of a remote timer box to control unit from ground level  Remote Timer Box Literature


  • CFM - 3,000
  • Dimensions - 24” x 24” x 72”
  • Filters - 2 x Paper pre-filter; 2 x 95% Filter (MERV 15), 2 x 30lb Active Carbon Trays
  • Motor - Marathon 3/4 HP PSC motor/115 Volt 1PH
  • Amp Draw  - 10.2
  • Mounting - Eyebolts / Optional: Wall Brackets
  • Manometer - $125 Option
  • Material/Finish - 16 ga / Galvanized
  • Weight - 240 lbs

Optional Filters

Carbon Paper Filters are a simple addition to the standard AF-3000E that allow the unit to clean the air of mild odors with a cost effective filter option. 

Electrostatic Washable Pre-filters are a replacement for the standard paper pre-filters and can be re-used continually for the life of the unit. The washable pre-filters provide a filtration of MERV 6 (overall unit MERV 15 rating remains). This solution is ideal for environments where there there are large particles present.