AF-3000E - Industrial filtration large amount air flow and high MERV filtration

Commercial Air Filtration Workhorse

The AF-3000E unit is our standard industrial air filtration model that is configurable to specific air filtration requirements.  In standard configuration, this direct drive air filtration unit(s) handles small to large shops.  High merv rating bag filters allow filtration of even the tinies particles found in welding fumes and can handle larger saw dust . From woodworking shop, fabricators or welding shops all can get clean air and prevent grime from floating in the air. 

How it Works (PDF

AF 3000E Product Literature

Price: $2,175


  • CFM - 3,000
  • Dimensions - 24” x 24” x 72”
  • Filters - 2 x Paper pre-filter; 2 x 95% Filter (MERV 15)
  • Motor - Marathon 3/4 HP PSC motor/115 Volt 1PH
  • Amp Draw  - 10.2
  • Mounting - Eyebolts / Optional: Wall Brackets Manometer - $ 125 Option
  • Material/Finish - 16 ga / Galvanized Weight - 170 lbs


Other Filtration Unit Selection

Filtration Units Uses MERV rating Price
AF-3000P Source of pollutants moves and need to relocate often 11 $2,275
AF-3000C Odor control and high Merv rating filtration needed 15 $2,525
AF-3000S Large amount Odor control 11 $2,725