Active filtration AF-3000C Odor control

Industrial air cleaners for large marijuana odor managment

The handling of marijuana in confined spaces of closet grow tents or large dispensary provides a difficult filtration challenge but the AF-3000S and AF-3000C filtration units use the simple reliable formula to fight odor with bulk carbon, 60 lbs of carbon, with industrial grade hardware that keeps the air moving through the filters.The filters are cost effective solution for odor control during harvest using standard hepa filters used across a wide range of HVAC equipment, while the odor fighting active carbon trays simply need emptied and refilled with bulk carbon.


AF-3000S for low pollutant enviroments with odor problems

The AF-3000S is a cost effective unit meant to target high odor environments from a small grow room ventillation to a large commercial dispensary. The air filtration unit will minimize odors while also cleaning the area of harmful spores, mold and dust. The filters are quick swappable to keep the filtration constant.The hepa filters clean the air of particulates and the 60 lbs of active granular carbon trays remove odor from medical marijuana keeping your neighbors happy by minimizing the “skunk” smell and prevent grow room smelling musty.

AF 3000S Product Literature

Price: $2,725


AF-3000C for all sized grom room air filtration and removing odors

AF-3000C is the other odor filtration unit that is when a sterile environment level of filtration is needed. The Active filtration AF-3000C has 60 lbs of carbon tray filters with large MERV 15  bag filters that remove small particles from mold spores down to bacteria from the air. Traditionally these bag filters are used to ventillate the air for hospital rooms but they will provide a noticeable increase in air quality in any grow tent or dispensary.

AF 3000C Product Literature

Price: $3,200

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How it Works (PDF)

The internal workings:

1) An industry standard, 2 speed,  ¾ hp Marathon motor is used to achieve 3,000 CFM of air exchange.

2) Off the shelf replacement filters that anyone can buy online - bulk granular carbon, paper pre-filters and the fiber glass bag filters that allow a MERV 15 rating. 

Specialty issues and our solutions

The AF-3000C and AF-3000S are units targeted to recycle the air within a commercial space to minimize the cost of heating and cooling the target area.  If you are looking for a powerful blower to pull used air out of the growing area the AF-3000C and AF3000S can be modified to fit a standard hvac exhaust pipe to plumb the clean and odor-less air out of the growing area without having to worry about the smell complaints.  The AF-3000S and Af-3000-C are hanging units that keep them out of the way and provides a better air flow patterns than floor based units


Our mission

Elite Manufacturing Specialists is an Iowa manufacturer of industrial air purification units called, Active Filtration. Our Active Filtration line of commercial air purifiers cleans a wide spectrum of particles found in industrial, dust construction and workshop environments. Active Filtration has solutions to cover the spectrum of small to large commercial areas. Units are made to meet your needs whether it is a portable dust filtration problem, an odor problem solved with carbon filters, or oil mist filters to clear the oil haze from the air into a collector.

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