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AF - 3000E

AF - 3000E

Commercial Air Filtration Workhorse

The AF-3000E unit is our standard industrial air filtration model that is configurable to specific air filtration requirements.  In standard configuration, this direct drive air filtration unit(s) handles small to large shops and represent 80% of our units sold.  Filter options include solutions for strong odors, oil mist and specifialized external filters.

The active filtration process is simple, but very effective (click link below):

How it Works (PDF)

The internal workings:

1) An industry standard, 2 speed,  ¾ hp Marathon motor is used to achieve 3,000 CFM of air exchange.

2) Off the shelf, anyone can buy online - paper pre-filters and the fiber glass primary bag filters allow a MERV 15 rating (equivalent to a Hospital inpatient care room). 

AF 3000E Product Literature

Price: $2,175

The AF-3000E is expandable in two ways:

  1. Remote Timer box to control unit from ground level  Remote Timer Box Literature
  2. Multiple units to achieve desired air changes in large areas


  • CFM - 3,000
  • Dimensions - 24” x 24” x 72”
  • Filters - 2 x Paper pre-filter; 2 x 95% Filter (MERV 15)
  • Motor - Marathon 3/4 HP PSC motor/115 Volt 1PH
  • Amp Draw  - 10.2
  • Mounting - Eyebolts / Optional: Wall Brackets
  • Manometer - $ 125 Option
  • Material/Finish - 16 ga / Galvanized
  • Weight - 170 lbs

Optional Filters

  • Carbon Odor Filters are a simple addition allowing the units to not only clean the air, but also remove a wide range of odors like automotive exhaust, cigarette smoke, and much more. 
  • Electrostatic Washable Pre-filters are a replacement for the standard paper pre-filters and can be re-used continually for the life of the unit. The washable pre-filters provide a filtration of MERV 6 (overall unit MERV 15 rating remains). This solution is ideal for environments where there there are large particles present.?