Carbon Tray Filters with a AF-3000P Unit

Industrial Odor Control with Carbon Filtration

All Active Filtration units can be configured with carbon filters to address odors.  Carbon Filters target a wide range of odors from smoke, to chemical odors.  When incorporated into our commercial filtration units, the carbon filters are located after all other filters to allow only clean air to pass through and prolong their effective life.

Carbon filters work by the active carbon absorbing the contaminants and allergens which pass through eliminating the odors.  Once the active carbon surface is covered, the carbon will not absorb any more odors and needs to be changed.

The two options for carbon filters are: 2” Carbon Pleat Filters for light odors or 2” Re-fillable Micro Carbon Tray Filters for severe odors. 

Carbon Pleat Filters is a cost effective way to address mild odor issues and are replaced when they become ineffective at removing odors.

Carbon Tray Filters are filled with active carbon pellets. When they become ineffective, simply dispose of the used carbon housed in the trays and refill with fresh active carbon pellets.