Active Filtration Products

Our industrial air filtration units are designed with the end users comfort and safety in mind. We have taken great care and consideration to develop a line of products that will serve your needs.

AF - 3000E

Commercial Air Filtration Workhorse The AF-3000E unit is our standard industrial air filtration model that is configurable to specific air filtration requirements... More >

AF - 3000P Portable

Portable air filtration unit with 3,000 CFM. The AF-3000P unit ia a portable air filtration unit designed for temporary lcoations such as industrial construction ... More >

AF - 2000E

Perfect for the Smaller Shop?, MERV 15 Rated. The AF-2000E unit is specifically designed for small shop, garage, or workshop to provide clean shop air like th... More >

AF - 4500E

High Output Unit, Belt Driven 3 Horsepower Motor. The AF-4500E is our belt driven, industrial air filtration model and can handle a shop up to 25,000 cubic feet o... More >

AF - 3000C

Industrial Odor Control Air Filter System The AF-3000C unit has 60lbs of refillable carbon trays aggressively filtering odors while still removing contaminants in... More >

AF - 3000D

Adjustable Directional Air Intakes 'At source' filtration for workstation pollutants with specific filters to address your needs. Hang the unit above hea... More >