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AF - 2000E

AF - 2000E

Perfect for the Smaller Shop?, MERV 15 Rated.

The AF-2000E unit is specifically designed for small shop, garage, or workshop to provide clean shop air like the AF-3000E. The AF-2000E comes standard with eye bolts for easy hanging or optional wall mounting brackets are available.      

An industry standard ¾ hp Marathon motor is used to achieve 2,000 CFM of air exchange. The paper pre-filter and the fiber glass primary bag filter achieve a MERV 15 rating. The exhaust from the unit is sent out in the opposite direction from which the dirty air is drawn in from. This unidirectional air movement helps in small spaces by allowing the unit to be positioned to optimize air flow.  

Price: $1,975

Filters are off the shelf, anyone can buy online - paper pre-filters and the fiber glass primary bag filters allow a MERV 15 rating. More information on the specific filters can be found under How it Works tab in the topic of filters.

AF 2000E Product Literature (PDF)


  • CFM - 2,000
  • Dimensions - 48” x  24” x 24”
  • Filters - 1 X  Paper pre-filter; 1 X  95% filter (15 MERV)
  • Motor - Marathon 3/4 HP PSC motor/115 Volt 1PH
  • Amp Draw  - 10.2
  • Mounting options - Eyebolts / Optional: Wall Brackets
  • Manometer - $125 Option
  • Material/Finish - 16 ga / Galvanized steel
  • Weight - 140 lb

Initial Dust Filter

  • Glasfloss MERV 11 FilterThe initial dust filter catches the large particles, allowing the primary filters to have an extended life by not getting clogged with this material.

Primary Filters

  • Glasfloss MERV 15 Filter (Standard) - High level of Pollutants / Ideal for areas with high pollutants from grinding, plasma cutting, or welding.

Optional Filters

  • Carbon Odor Filters are a simple addition allowing the units to not only clean the air, but also remove a wide range of odors like automotive exhaust, cigarette smoke, and much more. 
  • Electrostatic Washable Pre-filters are a replacement for the standard paper pre-filters and can be re-used continually for the life of the unit. The washable pre-filters provide a filtration of MERV 6 (overall unit MERV 15 rating remains). This solution is ideal for environments where there there are large particles present.?