MERV Rating System

MERV rating is a system used to evaluate how effective a filter is at being able to withdraw particular particles. It is based on a 1-20 point scale 1 being the least restrictive while 20 being the most.

The Active Filtration line comes standard with MERV 11 pre filters that collect dust and mold spores, outlined by the green box. While our high efficiency model with MERV filters at a rating of 15 allow the collection of much finer particles as you can see to the right in the orangish box such as welding fumes and lead dust.

Bottom Line...

The MERV scale allows two things:

  1. Our customers to identify what level of filtration they want
  2. Compare apples to apples among equipment manufactures

The models come with bag filters for our high efficiency models to maximize surface area allowing longer times between scheduled maintenance.