AF-3000C with Pre Filter pads for extended life


Pad pre-filter option

Wood shops and textile shops deal with large particles like saw dust and fibers that can clog expensive filters on filtration units. Active filtration units clean shop air cost effectively while utilizing a large particle filter out front to prevent your expensive filters clean and extend the filter life.

Pre-filter pads are made to catch large particles like textile fibers, spray paint dust, sanding dust, saw dust and dust particles.  

The pre-filter pads can easily be installed by utilizing the holders on the side of the unit which will hold the MERV 3 pad filter. The filter simply stretched to the edge of unit to hold the filter in front of the pleat filter.

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Active Filtration AF-3000E industrial air filtrati

AF - 3000E

Commercial Air Filtration Workhorse

The AF-3000E unit is our standard industrial air filtration model that is configurable to specific air filtration requirements.  This direct drive air filtration that provides filtration to a MERV 15 rating.